Frequently Asked Questions

How I can upgrade from my Inboard beta to Mac App Store version?

Purchase Inboard from Mac App Store and then use Inboard’s Migration Assistant

What file types Inboard supports?

Inboard supports PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD, AI, EPS, TIFF and PDF.

So when is iCloud integration coming?

iCloud integration is still one of the top priorities for Inboard at the moment, but we could not include that into our first Mac App Store version because that would delay this release even further. Our beta period was already almost 2 years long and it was time to finally release the Mac App Store version. Being on the App Store and finally charging for this app should change the momentum of new releases.

Will you make an iPad or iPhone app?

We’re focusing on Mac App at the moment, but possible future iPad or iPhone app are not out of the question.

How I can be the first to know about news about Inboard?

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Where are my Inboard images stored?

They are stored locally on your Mac. You can reveal the location of them by right clicking any item and choosing “Show in Finder”. We are planning to add cloud storage option to Inboard in the future.

Why Inboard isn’t free?

We could not have explained it better than The Oatmeal did here.