Inboard, a Mac app for organizing your screenshots

Inboard, a Mac app that helps you organize your screenshots and photos like a private Pinterest, launched on Mac App Store today after the initial beta period.

With Inboard people can create virtual boards with images they grab from their browser or simply import into Inboard.

Unlike its competitors Inboard is not feature rich, but prides itself on having only the essential features offering a simpler alternative to other image organizes already on App Store like Ember. Inboard is a pursuit of the perfect amount of features for the ideal image organization app. One of the key differences is Inboard Pinterest-like UI where images are organized in a fluid way making intelligent use of screen space.

Inboard also integrates with Dribbble, the popular social network for designers which allows Inboard users to browse their Dribbble shots on desktop.

In the future Inboard looks forward to improving the product while retaining it's simplicity and adding iCloud storage for images.

Pricing and Availability

Requirements: 10.9
Price: $19.99, available for $9.99 on launch week
Availability: Mar 10, 2015
App Store URL:
Category: Graphics & Design

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