Time presets that feel natural

Choose time with presets like this evening, tomorrow morning or next week

Remind me when I’m back on Mac

Stop sending emails to yourself. Set a reminder on your iPhone to appear on your Mac

Access your reminders anywhere

Later syncs automatically with your iPhone and Mac using iCloud

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The most useful app on my iPhone ★★★★★
By Karthik Naralasetty

This app is the best I’ve ever paid for. Does what it says and because of this app I was able to follow up on a lot of things. And this is most elegantly designed app ever!!!

Yes! ★★★★★
By chrisgscott

This is :::exactly::: what I needed. No feature bloat, no bells and whistles, just one tap to set a “don’t forget to do this” then one more tap to choose when to be reminded. No more late night emails to myself! Thank you, it’s already earned a spot in the tray on my iPhone.


On-the-go users don’t want to fill out sign-up forms, watch tutorials or face a steep learning curve just to use what should be a basic utility. Later gets that, by taking you right to the experience. It takes only a few seconds to get going. In fact, the download of the app itself takes longer than creating your first reminder.

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Later is available on both iOS and MacOS



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