Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make an iPad app?

Yes, that's in our roadmap, but first we want to polish iPhone and Mac apps.

Where are my reminders stored?

They are stored locally on your device and on Apple's iCloud. They are not uploaded to our servers.

How I can adjust time presets?

Press the gear icon in the upper left corner of the app, it will open settings - tap on any of the presets. Changes are saved instantly.

Do you support recurring reminders?

Not yet, but we're thinking about adding it.

Does Later for Mac have any shortcuts?

Yes, you can quickly choose a time preset using ⌘(1-9) buttons after entering your reminder text.

Will you support location-based reminders in the future?

Yes, we're thinking of introducing them in future versions as possible presets.

How I can sync my reminders across multiple devices?

Later uses iCloud to do this. Just allow Later to use iCloud.

What happens to my reminders if I change timezones?

In short - you'll be fine. Date on iOS is interpreted as a wall-clock time that is automatically adjusted when there are changes in time zones.

Why isn't the Mac app free?

The Oatmeal has the best explanation.

Will Later be available in multiple languages?

Later is English in the beginning, but we'll add Russian, French and Latvian translations. If you want to help to translate Later in your language, send us an email.

I'm not getting any notifications. What should I do?

Go to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Settings > Notifications, scroll down to locate Later, and make sure that you have alerts enabled.

What should I do if Later is crashing?

In order for us to fix it, we'll need to know what caused the crash. Please email us with the steps that made the app crash and we'll try to reproduce it.

Who are you guys anyway?

We're three old friends - Gustavs, Andris, and Davis with a passion for great apps who decided to make their own thing. We're based in the in Riga, Latvia.

Have a pressing question not answered?

Don't hesitate to drop us an email, tweet or Facebook us. We're a friendly bunch.

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